Just a question

For me, people tend to think I am mean or cold because I have a very intimidating resting face, and I have a very monotonous and sarcastic sounding voice.

However, later on after we become acquainted they laugh and tell me that I am the complete opposite of what they thought, and how ridiculous they feel that they were scared to talk to me.

I understand why they’d be intimidating. I’m tall and really pale with dark hair and I usually wear dark makeup.

If you want a sort of visual, I’m kind of like Boo Radley. Vampire version.


Totally agree with you. That is some solid wisdom you’ve got going on!

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Most people say I seem like a nice person when they first meet me but I find that a lot of people say they were intimidated by me, I’m not sure why lol


I’ve been called emo a couple times. Even though im a very loud and happy person.

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People think I’m calm lmao