Just a friendly reminder

If lately you’re like me and you go through your day in an existential malaise, feeling like you’re cursed, like you’re God’s own loser, like you will never, ever make it out of mediocrity and you are doomed to always be second (or even third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth best) and that it will never ever ever get better…

Screw that noise.

Those are lies.

You’re going to be ok.

You’re a Viking warrior - you’ve been tempered by battle and you don’t quit.

Stare 2021 in the eye and run screaming headfirst into glory. For your loved ones. For decency. For yourself and your own sanity. Even if your battle is just getting out of bed to feed your kids breakfast - you freaking did it. I’m proud of you. I love you. You’re not alone.

Go forth and love fiercely. Do no harm, but take no crap.


2021 is the Year I Shine-Off with Cure and Strong Savior.
Time for 21 in 2021 in life and forever.

Thank you, Josh.

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