Join My Group Of V2 Comedians NOW!

Alright so, I wanna make a group of V2ers(boys or girls). So I made a chat on Discord. Please consider downloading the app if you don’t have it yet. HOWEVER, THERE ARE SOME CONDITIONS.


  • You have to be from 13 to 17 years old
  • You have to be a comedian
    *Don’t be completly inactive

*You can join if you live in any country

And that’s it. The goal of that is really to target a same demographic so that we’re able to make friends easier. I hope you’ll enjoy this chat and that we can be able to form a cool group.

NOTE: If you’re in the chat it doesnt necessarly in the group that is gonna be made on V2. Also at our 100th member the group will be closed.

Thx for reading


I will join

A tempting offer.

I’ll join this club. Though I may be 18 before the app releases. We’ll see