Join Me in the Byte Challenge

Hi Everyone!

My name is @Mikey on Byte. I’ve been a follower of this app for a while now, but I haven’t really posted anything on the forums. I wanted to reach out for a challenge for every creator on this app.

I don’t know about you, but I love everything about this app - the dev team that listens to their community, creators, and different features I never knew I would like. I think it is our time, as creators, to spark some buzz around Byte again.

So the challenge - For the next two weeks (September 1st - September 14th) I will be posting at least once a day. I challenge everyone that is reading this to do the same thing. It is a challenge for me to upload once a month, so this would probably be one of the hardest things I do. If we all get together and produce quality content for the next two weeks we will be able to retain more of the people that visit Byte. (and yes, I am thinking of the whole TikTok fiasco)

So if you are interested in joining me, please message me! And if you know anyone else that would be interested in joining us, send them a message. I honestly believe in this app that Dom and his team have created. Let’s give the app the content to push it to the next level :slight_smile:

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To be frank the limitations on the byte app just stifle innovation, until they make a better camera it will be an uphill battle to keep creators and viewers alike.

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I don’t know about that. I understand your point because the camera on TikTok for example makes it super easy to create funny videos, but I feel that its a poor excuse to write off this app because it doesn’t have a zoom feature for your face or a green screen setting.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of places that this app can improve, but I don’t think a camera is holding people back from staying on this app. I really think the quality of content on the app has fallen off and has pushed many people off the app. But… this isn’t the point of my post - I’m simply encouraging people to be creative for the next two weeks with me.


Lol he said, “YouTube doesn’t even have any in-house editing tools, why does anyone even post there? iT nEeDs EdItInG tOoLs To bE GoOd.”

And no It’s not different with Byte. YT is a place to post content, but it’s not meant for editing. Right now, Byte is the same way.

Learn to use big boy editing software. There’s plenty of free, super easy to use editing apps that you can get on any smart phone. Then you can post quality edited content on any platform without having to rely on/remember how to use all the different tools specific to each app.


I love this idea and the great vibes you’ve breathed into the forums. I was thinking the same thing earlier just before coming here and finding this. I’m not sure if I can pull it off at this time, but I’d really love to see others doing it and think it’s a beautiful idea


To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to accomplish it, but I think it would just promote some more creativity among the community. I appreciate the positivity :v:t2:

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YouTube and byte are monumentally different in terms of how people produce content. Most of tiktoks appeal is that anyone can do it quick and easy, byte should be no different.

Tiktok and byte are 2006 YouTube, most people just post for fun they don’t want to pay or have some apps watermark on their videos.

I love ur vibe here dude keep it up!

Imma give it a shot


i want to join! :slight_smile:


I will give it a Shoot, I have a lot of Skits under my pockets, let’s make Byte Great Again.

I have a lot of videos that are in Spanish, I’m from Mexico City by the way, so it would be good for the people who speaks Spanish.

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I shitpost so this is easy :eye::lips::eye: I need to revive my byte so I’ll start now :smiley:

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No problem I post 3-6 a day already. And not just sh*t posting.

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chile- how. all my pots are shit posts