Join blurple!111

JOIN BLURPLE NOWWWW!!!11111 !!!11111!!!111

also dont join byte homies, they stinky :nauseated_face:


Ya join Blurple! The app is so fun to use!

Come to Blurple if you like:
*having children spamming chat with emojis
*memes that you wont get unless you’ve been on these forums for over 2 years
*people bringing up drama in public instead of addressing the person directly

Blurple, a place where the mods of this forum can still feel like they have some sort of power over an app they haven’t used since August!

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I like this one tell me more


join byte homies if you like
*moderators that dont help people
*people defending racism
*and more!!!

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ok its too harsh im so sorry :(((( .


U telling the truth lmao💀

I have to say–nobody was defending racism. The mods were defending a user who was uneducated on racism and was very confused.
As a moderator on that server, I’m kinda confused about ‘moderators who don’t help people’… Any server member can ping a mod and we’ll help you out, I know I’ve helped several people out. If you had a situation where you couldn’t get the help you needed from a mod I’d like to apologize for that.
Our intentions are good even if they don’t come across 100% of the time.


not harsh just false