John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”

If you follow John Krasinski on Instagram, you know about the show he’s putting on from his house “SGN” or “Some Good News.” He’s doing his best to inject some positivity in the world and talking about the good things going on. He’s asking his followers what good things are going on in their world.

I told him about the Byte app.

Now, there are like 566 other comments as of this writing, but if the Byte app has been as good and uplifting experience for you as it has for me, get on there and tell him the positive impact it’s had on your life!

Do you hear me, Byte community?? You are DIFFERENT. You are KIND. You are encouraging and creative and you help people feel good 6 seconds at a time. You deserve all the love and recognition in the world. ALL OF YOU do!. You helped me when I was feeling awful about myself and I know I’m not the only one. Get over to his Instagram and let the world know! Tell him about your friendships, your collabs, your plans for the future as a creator. Tell him about the partnership program and ByteBeats and trends and horse masks and craziness!

It may do nothing. I don’t care. We may only get two new users. I don’t care. People need some positivity and they need to see how awesome you guys are.


*nods along as she reads
*hops onto IG to holla at JK, but not before picturing @Jaurshe in a Braveheart outfit/makeup standing before the byte masses with his fist in the air


Done! Great idea :+1:

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I JUST DIED FROM THE IMAGERY :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Haha, it’s like a byte that each person can picture creatively and uniquely in their own head :woman_shrugging:t2: (Sorry @Jaurshe)

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@shanshie No apology necessary.

@wumbologyexpert like this?


OH NOOOO I literally snorted my coffee and my nasal passage is burning :frowning:

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