Java Code Visible on the App

Good afteroon @dom and @cami_p

I was scrolling down the app today, and noticed the code in between the Pages.



This is covered here also.

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That’s not an error

It’s the new category “Illegal argument on 16 secs or 8 secs bytes” :joy: Java is for the drink cause it’s a heck a lot of reading- a little programmer humor there

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Don’t post in there for clout - “no exceptions” :joy:

it’s just an error message.

On my phone it has the error message but also no categories so I can’t see spotlight, limited time, etc.

imo. it’s trying to fetch those categories and getting error. try updating the app

I did and thats when the error started happening😩


just to tidy things up, i’m going to redirect this bug report to the following: Byte not updating or reloading feed

from what i can see it’s the same issue. everyone please contribute there! thanks