Jason Nash: Wave

Jason Nash tweeted about an app similar to v*** that he is making with other v***rs called wave. He said it’s not affiliated with twitter or v***. Beta comes early 2019. What do you guys think?


It wont have the same attention as V2, Truthfully.


I also found after searching for “OEVO” on Twitter. :joy:

He was also one of the paid former viners to sponsor oevo and we know how that turned out


If its david and liza on the app, they are a powerhouse, but unsure on how that will work

it seems promising

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Hmm wonder how that plays out


Honestly, I’m a little nervous for V2. Although Dom is not too worried, his announcement gained worldwide attention and he only has around 70-80k twitter followers.

Jason and the rest of the Vlog Squad have millions of followers put together. Not to forget how loyal their fans are. As they came from Vine (which had a similar concept to Wave), I’m sure they know what they’re doing. They have the money, so imagine how big the reach will be (through promotion, of course).


Same, Dom doesn’t seem worried at all, my thought was that we will probably have less users. And eventually V2 would get shut down.

oh god i really hope not :tired_face::sob:


They may have money but dom has the talent in app development. Sure they can hire someone, but it probably won’t be as good


One thing to keep in mind though. Beta for wave doesnt even start til beginning of 2019. Considering that we just had beta sign up a few days ago and depending on if we can get the bugs out and the final product up and running before wave does, we still have a chance to knock them out of the ballpark.


i hope this is the case, but really cant predict with certainty at this point :frowning:

Well in all honesty, we can neither confirm nor deny this accusation but let’s keep hope.

I still believe in the end people will flock to the most original app, which will be the one Dom is making.

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yea i completely agree with this and have full faith on the people flocking to the sequel more so than just another similar app


Yeah, but imagine this. Seeing as how it’s one select group, there is probably going to be a niche community with a very similar sense of humor on the app. But for v2, we have a legitimate app developer and creator of Vine here, not to mention a variety of different, quirky, unique people. I think it’ll workout for the most part, as niche apps usually die.


and also wave might not even work out.
because they are only viners working on it, unlike wave… v2 is worked on by coders that have expirence so :stuck_out_tongue:

(Edit: the viners could still have expirence though)

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Good theory, but we never know, these viners might know some software devs, but I feel they’d still struggle in the promotional aspect