James charles

do you guys like james charles ?


Yeah and I have his palette too and it is sooo good dude

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I don’t really watch his videos too much, just from time to time, but my best friend loves him. For his birthday I’m getting him James’ palette.
He uses very distinct and unique language and terminology and I have picked up some of it one accident (i.e, kitty girls, sister snatch’d, etc)

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James Charles is extremely attractive

He’s……quite the character… I’ll give him that.

P.s. He can’t sing, but he really tries regardless though so that makes me laugh.


Ehh, I think hes kinda weird

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Woop woop woooop

I used to love him (I still do really) but sis really needs to get off Twitter, he’s not doing himself any good business-wise by getting involved in some ‘shishtar scandals’.

I mean yeah he’s kinda weird but like whatever floats your boat. He’s not hurting anybody ig and he seems alright.

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his content isn’t really for me i watched one of his videos once but didn’t like it