Jake Paul and Logan Paul

Logan will reportedly be prohibited from using ■■■■■. Do you think Jake Paul will use vine again as a means to taunt Logan? :thinking:

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Didnt Jake say he wasn’t going to use v2?

I don’t think Logan will be prohibited from v2, he didn’t do anything wrong on the platform… since it’s not out yet…

Okay 1. I highly doubt it
I had a post about this like 2 months ago and a staff member took it down because I was being offence to logan paul race by asking this

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No, Dom has already said everyone is welcome

I doubt they would be banned

@IceBoyAndre No person is going to be prohibited from using the app. If they break rules, etc after the app releases, then their punishment will be decided.
BTW I think you may be talking about the tweet from a fake v2 twitter page who is saying that logan is banned

All Confirmed Information (Click)

Websites: v2.co
Twitter: :twitter:dhof and :twitter:v2app
Twitch: @newroyal
Merchandise: None

Beta Release Date - None
App Release Date - Summer (No Specific Date)
App Released Yet? No

Keep checking the forums and social media for official updates on the app


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Regardless, the dynamic those two will have should not be a concern; we will figure it out after the V2 release

I feel as though it almost isn’t even worth talking about xD the more attention and thought we put into those two, the more they profit from it tbh. If we stop caring about them they will fizzle out


he isn’t prohibited, a fake v2 claimed he was a while ago but the actual v2 isn’t going to prohibit anyone from the start I don’t think.

This app will be open to all. To have them be prohibited without them doing anything would be unfair. plus, i’m sure jake said something about 6s videos being dead??? so that might mean he probably wont join unless the app becomes big?

I don’t see why he or anyone else should be prohibited from using this service unless they specifically break the rules of v2. v2 isn’t online yet, so we shouldn’t hold him accountable (on this service) for breaking rules before he agreed (by creating an account and using this service) to follow those rules.

Of course, if he or others repeatedly break the rules of v2 after agreeing to use them, then a punishment would be in order.


Hes done a lot of stupid things, but if he offends on V2, then he should be banned. He shouldnt be banned from the app before its release, because thats kind of discriminating

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