It's my birthday tomorrow

Hey guys,

I haven’t been active on byte lately due to everything going on in regards to the BLM movement. I wanted the latest post to be the one regarding BLM, and didn’t want to take attention away from that for a good while. As the weeks continue, I realized my birthday is tomorrow! The Big Ol 22. I know how great the byte community is, and just how supportive each and every one of you are. So I was hoping, while I do appreciate any sort of birthday wishes that I’d receive, what I’d love more is to take those 10 seconds of birthday wishes and redirect it to signing a petition for BLM which would take 10 seconds as well- for those who were not able to reach their next birthday. I’ve attached some petitions that have not reached their goal yet! It would be amazing if we can get a thread going , with possibly pictures attached showing that we did our part & left our signature. Sharing would be amazing as well. Thank you all​:heart::heart::heart::sparkles:

Justice for Breonna Taylor -

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery -

Justice for Joāo Pedro -

Reopening Sandra Bland’s case -

These are just a few of the many cases that have not received justice. There’s a whole bunch of other petitions that exist, and it takes less than a minute to sign. Some more petitions you can find on this twitter thread :


Happy birthday!!! It’s my birthday today :blush:


Happy birthday king!!!


Signed- and happy birthday! Hope you find rest and laughter in the day :purple_heart:


Thank you!!!

Happy Birthday!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Guys, I’ve gotten an email that shows that there is signing happening for the petitions above !! As well as people clicking the links above, thank you!! :slight_smile: Even having one more signature can make a huge difference alongside with raising awareness for this kind of issues.

Y’all amazing❤️


HAPPY BDAY!! Ty for using this day to shine light on the injustices in this country :clap:

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Happy birthday love you want signatures :sunglasses::ok_hand::heart:

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Thank you!!

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Thank you!

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