It's Lonely at the Top

Hey there everyone, so if you don’t know me let me introduce myself, i’m Dice King D, the most enthusiastic, hype, energetic, bad decisions making individual you will probably ever meet! I have a ton of fun on any and every social media platform that I get my hands on, but it’s boring when you just work on everything by yourself yaknow? So yoooooooooooo is there anyone who would like to work together on making some really funny and sauced up content. I have more ambition than I need, so I have no problem sharing some of it with anyone who’s looking for that extra push towards the top. You know what they say, It’s lonely at the top, so why not bring a few friends up along the way.


HMU on ig bro @ jakestudebaker

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for sure! I gotcha

I like this.

Thank you so much :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum! Very good presentation, if you want you can contact me by Instagram @thomybalca

But wait are you frr? :joy: “oh sorry i fell asleep while i was waiting on you to make me a sandwich” “go back to sleep and starve”

Yep that’s me :joy:

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