It's been one year since the Byte Discord was made

This day, October 8, last year was the day we decided to make a discord for byte.

Wow it felt like it was just yesterday when I got on my first discord call in that server, but it also feels like I’ve known all of these people for all my life. I remember the first person I talked to on a voice chat was @lex and since then it has been a wild ride. I want to thank @kaden for taking the lead role as owner of the server when it was first created and @ash for her promotion to the server owner just a bit ago.

We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, we had our laughs and we’ve gotten emotional at times, but in all out this server was a blessing. We are all 1000% closer to one another than before… some of us even met up in person.

I’ve met my best friends on this server and have had some of the greatest memories. I can recall every single moment I met each and everyone of you who engaged in conversations from the start. Whether it was playing a knockoff Minecraft hide-n-seek, preparing for a Byte Podcast or spamming dolphins in the chat, I have cherished every moment we have all had together. Never thought a year ago we would be where we are now and little did I know over a dozen of you would fly from all around the world to attend my high school graduation.

Through all the podcasts, skribbleio games, minecraft servers, mirror pics, movie/youtube nights, meet ups, memes, and memories I want to thank everyone for this great experience. :v:

If you’re not in the discord here is the link:

Also yes I’m still working on a discord compilation of all the clips we have over the year so send in some funny or memorable videos or pics you have on the discord




To be honest, the discord changed my life. Whether for better or for worse, with many ups and downs, I met some of the best people in my life and was even lucky enough to meet up with a friend from discord this weekend, in person. I’m happy I’ve made all of my friends and I’m happy I’ve had irreplaceable memories here. i kinda wish i did more but I guess that’s just a lesson for the future. Here’s to another year! :green_heart:


Need more podcasts, and skribble games (i only played one). Beast 1st year dudes!


Aweeeee woweeeeeeee


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yeehaw, indeed. @Rafiki :cowboy_hat_face:


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Wow!!! Super excited for the compilation


I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the byte server. I’ve met my best friends, my family. I’m so looking forward to seeing this community continually grow so people can have to same experiences that I’ve had. Thank you Dylan for your kind words :pleading_face:

ily guys. also who tf did arf meet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




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I’m so grateful for the byte discord. Thanks to everyone who runs it and uses it :grin::ram:


bout to cri watching the video when you make it


Yee yee. I remember when it was made


shows you what happens when one builds a community. keep at it


Guess I really gotta go in on this one huh.

When I found the discord server last year, I was probably at one of the worst points I ever have been in life, I was just out of a long relationship, and I really wasn’t doing well with it. At first, the server was just somewhere I could hang out and waste some time talking to people that didn’t really know me well enough to judge my idiot self for whatever dumbassery I was saying, but the more time I spent on the server the more I got to really know people. By the end of the year I was really getting to know people, and I made a joke around new years that in 2019 I wanted to go to america at some point. Most of my january and february was consumed by talking to people on the server until way past my 9pm bedtime, ugh, i hate bedtime.
quick puke warning
In march I finally wore jay down enough that when I asked her some random question, she said yes. That was kinda cool I guess. So from pretty much then on I spent just about every free second I had on the discord, way more than I should’ve, and looking back on it maybe i should’ve distributed my time better, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
So if you didn’t know I flew my ass to america to meet some of the best people ever, which was something I didn’t expect to be doing ever. Since then I’ve done some pretty cool stuff with people, setting up servers, watching movies, meeting more great people etc, and it’s all because of the discord server. I’m gonna give a big thank you to everyone specifically, if I miss anyone I’m sorry but it is 5am as I’m typing this, so here goes, in (hopefully) a kind of chronological order of like when I first talked to them? idk it was like nearly a year ago so I’ll do my best lol, o and tags won’t work since there’s a max, if you aren’t on the list I probably just haven’t had a chance to get to know you well enough yet
A huge thanks for everything to ganon, sho, ramo, sam, jay, ash, justin, brennan, flo, nick, kaden, lex, daisy megatron (technically cark) daydreamer, courtney, arf, reid, ryan, annam, oren, devyn, vic, ken, victor, tyler, mia, cynthia, ben, grant, truss, dylan, faizal, carson owi, travis, mudi, dan, dan, daniel, (dans rise up), kylie, francuzz, ivy (rip), rex and nina.
A few that some of you will know and some wont, I doubt any of them will even see this but I feel like they should still be here. jess, holden, hollie, odin, peachie, aly, dylan, yesi, pop, bee, forsae, ko, hutch, otter, kazoo, sav, ingrid, joyce and emily.
To all of you, I love you all, and I appreciate you more than I can possibly put into words. Without you I really don’t know what I’d do, or where I’d be. Ok ty all I’m now going to cry myself to sleep


p.s if i made any mistakes in this tough, it’s 5:30 lol


@everyone get on this dudes comment rn


dan :pleading_face:
you were one of the first ppl I noticed on the server since you were so active. I wanted to be your friend bc I thought you were hilarious. thank you for being you. ganons gonna be v touched that he’s first on your list :eyes:

rip tollcross


@tacocat :wow: