It would be so cool, to have a history section, where you have every video you last watch

That would be so useful

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How do you forget to like something tho

This might help a bit but I feel like it would just get clogged up and useless too fast.

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:ok_hand: perfectly said

Not only that, there’s gonna be a reallyyyyyyy long list.

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True, i think we should also bring a clear option

I definitely like his ide. I would use it

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Hahaha very true!

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This is the problem we need to solve ! :muscle:t3:

For sure!!! I think one of the flaws of the old vine was that it was hard to find videos unless you revive them. Being able to see your history might be really helpful. But there should also be a clear history too!

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Speaking of which- can anyone explain to me how to view videos you HAVE liked? I can’t find the feature

On what ?

How do I view videos I have liked on the V2 app?

Coming from someone who tends to hit repeat/keep looping when I like something new, what if a video was saved automatically if you kept looping it 3-4 times or more? That way even if you forget to like it, it is still added to your likes and if it was a mistake you could just remove it later.

why? are you looking at stuff you shouldn’t :sweat_smile:

V2 is not on the appstore here yet

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That is a great idea too!! Or maybe instead of saving it, putting it at the top of your history list

Ah ah :joy: maybe ?

I would hope not to see the stuff I shouldn’t be seeing on V2 :joy::joy::joy: but u never know what people may post

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Oh, I like that! Just building off of it a little, instead of just keeping it at the top there could even be like a section for them in your history that says “return to old favorites” or “history repeats itself.”