It Seems that Vine will Return Soon

You have the Vine camera app.

Don’t delete it. It’s sacred.

And in other words, a Vine comeback??? Really now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I mean, Twinkies came back, so :man_shrugging:?

Fair point…but like, wouldn’t there be something between Rus and Twitter (Jack) to make that work?

It could blow up again or it will help this app if the app changes the name to Vine.

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Many things have been returned

I still have the vine 2015 apk on Android. It asks for Twitter permission but doesn’t log me in😔

I could be wrong, but honestly I don’t think Vine is coming back. Byte was pretty much a resurrected version of Vine (with the time limit of 6.5s and all) when it was released back in January, but it didn’t seem to appeal to everyone the same way that Vine did when it was released a few years ago. Vine died for a reason; it was iconic for its time, but most ppl have moved on.

In terms of marketing purposes, it would’ve been nice to name the app Vine 2 or Vine 2.0 or something with Vine in it because of all of the success that Vine had, people would’ve probably been drawn to the app easier. I know there were reasons why they couldn’t call it that, but there are so many people that still don’t know that Byte was made by the same ppl that made Vine.

Nonetheless, it is what it is, we are in Byte mode now and we aren’t going back to the original Vine. It was iconic for its time, but a lot of things have changed in the world of social media since then.


What do you mean coming back? It’s already back!!! Jk I never updated to Vine camera and still have the original app. Can’t log in though. :cry: But hopefully I’ll never have to delete it


I never said it would be nice if they changed the name to Vine. I just said that apparently the name may be likely to change or Rus is planning something out with Twitter to return Vine. and I think about this because of the tweets they have put on the social network:

none of us have accurate information on this,
but it may be likely, thanks to these tweets.

could be

it’s a great memory Right there.

I dont think it will be a separate app since byte Tweeted about it. I think they may be hinting at changing the name back to vine. :man_shrugging:

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It would be incredible and honestly the app would improve a lot in all aspects, and there will even be more people in the app, we are talking about millions of people, thanks to the fact that now the name would be Vine. :rocket:

I’m really scared now because I hated Tik Tok and put a lot of effort on byte as I post atleast 6 bytes a day and now this makes me feel strange and heart broken and also the fact that Trump might not ban Tik Tok as I completely left Tik Tok

I don’t like repeating myself, so I’m just gonna link mine and @FaizalDawx’s previous responses to this:


Byte is a great plataform and it will get better.

The truth is that I do not know what is going to happen but I have the attrition that a big change can happen in Byte and that it could be rebranded as Vine. Think about all the people that will join the app, you need to know that we need more people on this app, otherwise the app is going to die and that’s truth. But I respect your opinion.

Can’t believe I’m not the only one with it still on my phone :heart: And the fact that it still works is sacred as heck.

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@Diegorocha I know you didn’t say that, I was saying that myself…lol! I was just saying that marketing the Vine brand name would’ve been nice, but I’m pretty sure that there were reasons why the Byte team didn’t go with that.

But, I agree with @J.Key and @FaizalDawx. I’m not sure if the Byte team is even thinking about rebranding as Vine right now tbh…They already put a lot of effort into the Byte name already (time limit in 8s increments, app icons, etc.).

But, if they are really trying to rename the app maybe Vine 2.0 or Vine 2 or something would be better than just Vine itself…If it was named Vine, people maybe coming to the app to expect the “Vine” culture and that’s not what Byte is at this point.

Byte is still updating, but it’s going to be a modernized reflection of the progression of technology and the change in social media entertainment from the Vine app. If it were to be renamed, I think Vine 2 or Vine 2.0 would do a better job at reflecting those changes than just going back to naming the app “Vine“.

Say for instance, Rus decided to go off on his own and bring back “Vine” in a collaboration with twitter, at first I think it’ll bring a lot of ppl because of the name, but then ppl would leave just like they did when Byte was first released in January. Unfortunately times have changed and I don’t think that ppl are really looking for that anymore.

However, (I’m not sure if someone mentioned it already in a prior post), but I think for those ppl that really want that “Vine energy” on Byte (or Vine 2, Vine 2.0, etc.), they could make a Vine channel where ppl could only post 6.5 second (or less) videos. Maybe when recording in the app you could change the time limit of recording to make it easier to record within the 6.5s time limit, so you can post to the “Vine” channel.

These are all speculations, maybe Rus and the Byte twitter page were joking around with us or they are serious, but only time will tell…Its also possible that like what @alladinsane said about Rus probably that to say that he see’s potential in Byte, but he was referring to it as “Vine’s comeback”. I honestly support whatever the Byte team decides to do (keeping the Byte name, changing it to Vine, Vine 2, Vine 2.0, etc.)


I was expecting this thread to be about the likelihood of byte going down the same shit show of a road that vine ended up on

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