It Seems that Vine will Return Soon

Apparently the other Vine Creator Rus Yusupov want’s to return the app Vine. I know that this app is made to replace Vine, but apparently he is working On remaking Vine and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but he tweeted this:

And this is the Tweet that leaves me thinking about this:

Do you Think that he want’s to return the app in addition to the fact that this app exsists ?

What do you think about this ?
I’m Confused.


@Diegorocha I feel like its again him hinting at how byte is probably going to grow. I am not too sure if vine can comeback at this point. But the fact that he tweeted, seems intriguing. He could be just hinting at the future growth of Byte for all you know. It would be cool if he started working with @dom again on Byte.


I’ve seen a few previous Viners say that they are working on an app similar to vine a while back and haven’t heard anything since.

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A-ha then it could possibly mean Byte. I mean think about it why would the co founders of vine just start rival platforms?? It would seem more viable and better if they both team up and work together to Improve the existing platform.


Yeah definitely, it would be better for everyone if they just concentrated on helping byte grow


Hopefully they Work Together on Byte, that would be Amazing and :fire::fire::fire::fire:.
I hope that they are Working Together on this app, otherwise we will have two Vine’s at the same time. :joy:


I think that they maked an app that didn’t work out. I don’t remember the name something like Voemoo or Something like that.

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Yeah it would be Weird If that happens,
Hopefully they are working together.

On the Other Hand the name could change form Byte to Vine again. And this makes me think about it:

:eyes: I don’t know.


Very True

The issue with the name change is that when vine was acquired by Twitter, they pretty much bought all the rights and trademarks, copyrights etc of Vine. So You can’t legally change the name of the app to vine or else they going to get law suits from twitter. Unless of course they work something out with twitter. Which again could be a possibility not too sure.


Watch twitter be like Disney-

We’re bringing vine back from the Twitter Vault!


Oh god, the unrest that would stir because of it!

If vine came back it would mess up byte in some way so hopefully rus doesn’t Stab Dom in the back by teaming up with twitter to bring vine back


I think that it’s a possibility, maybe they are working something out with Twitter or rus is working something out with Twitter.
But who knows.

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Vine never should have shut down in the first place, idk what Twitter was thinking with that decision

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Vine will continue to be the trending app.

It can be possible :eyes:

Idk some would argue that maybe shutting it down was the best for content creation as it forced certain creators to move on from the short video format. However, I was devastated when I found out that it was being shut down and I can’t imagine how creators who had thousands/millions of followers felt. If it was still around today, I feel like people would’ve gotten sick of it and I believe that shutting it down is what made sooo many people appreciate the app and wanting to keep that culture alive in some form.


They could probably also buy the name right.

Funny story?

I started off on Droid, and one of the reasons I switched to iPhone was I gonna frustrated with all the cool stuff on the Vine app coming out 1st (or only) on the iOS version.

It’s what made me research and realize just how fragmented the droid app market was.

So I got an iPhone, and like a week or two later, the shutdown happened.

And buried in my apps, waaaaay back in my creative folder, on the last page, because I couldn’t bear to delete it?