It’s getting hype-less

At first I was super-excited to be on the forums and I had a feeling I was part of v2(I know). But,these days I’m hardly online in the forums because I don’t find any reason to,it’s just a little group chat these days. The projects getting sidetracked a little and it’s pointless.:disappointed:


With V2 postponed and no new updates, there’s not really much to talk about. The forums are now really just a chance to interact and make connections with other people that are still active on here. Even if we’re just counting lmao


your opinion. i’d say these forums have a great community and many friends can be made from here. definitely not pointless; i’m sure many people are up for a convo.


Most people have been put off, following Dom’s recent announcement. But I’ll never give up, and neither will the other active forum members. Yes, it has been a lot less active, but Dom has been paying a lot more attention.