It’s been fun

Some of you might know me, some of you might not. To cut a very long story short, my time around these parts is coming to an end. For most of you who don’t care, that’s all you need to read lol ok bye

It’s been a really long two years, and I’m not at all the same person as I was before being here, and that’s lead me to feel out of place for a pretty long time now. I don’t really use byte, not for any particular reason, it just isn’t really where I’m at right now.

Too many thanks to give, but I should probably specifically thank dom, cami, the rest of the byte team, and the forum team, for the opportunities they’ve given me. Also obviously a huge thank you to everyone I’ve shared good times with.

I’ve thought about what I’d include in this, how long it needed to be, if it sounded too dramatic, if it was emotional etc, but really none of that stuff matters, at the end of the day it’s the same goodbye.
I didn’t want to get sappy because it’s really not sappy, it’s just me being honest with myself about where I am in life.

Good luck to all of you, a lot of you are going to do amazing things, you know who you are.

Ok that’s all from me.

Have a good one


ok but can you give me expert doe?


Me after I read this, but really tho, dont wanna turn this into a meme thread. i get leaving the forums/byte stuff but I hope we still talk :pleading_face:


Sorry to see you go, as you’ve done an excellent job as a mod.

However, do what is best for you, and hope to seee you around again.


Legend has exited the chat

I didn’t know you much, I saw your tweets. I’ll stalk you on twitter, best of luck on everything. You’ll be missed here, KING :crown:



You are…a cinema :sneezing_face: :metal:


You Queen. I hoped we would get to talking more. I’m optimistic that things come back around. So with that being said, May we one day will cross paths again. I think it’s pretty clear you’re a well established member of the byte community especially here on the forums, so your presence will be missed. But I understand completely and I wish you nothing but the best! Also, stay safe with all that’s going on IRL at the moment as well. It’s just a crazy world all around. Xoxo


aw, I’m bummed about this. thanks for everything :slightly_smiling_face: going to HAVE to play runescape or animal crossing or whatever more now


i barely knew you, but why am I really sad… :pleading_face:


Who’s gonna warn rafiq for now on?..

you have a great future ahead, love ya!


You’ve been great, thanks for your involvement and I wish you smooth sailing wherever the currents take you.


ill miss you. Our history was crazy but it’s part of what made me genuinely happy at times. Thank you, cark, for our shared times together and your dedication to all aspects of the forum, discord, community, and your friends.

you have a good one :v:

ill miss you bud. see you around! good luck in life!

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:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:this is a bad way to start the day now i’m sad. we’ll miss you <3

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I’ll miss you cark. I hope we cross paths again because I wanna get to know you. Stay safe dude. You were an amazing contributor.

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Peace out the Celtic fan :sunglasses::ok_hand: we’ll never forget Dan Hafmann tho for creating a wonderful app.