It’s been a month that I am unable to post anything☹️

Can’t post a video, with or without text. Nada. I get to the point where the message is “ applying edits” then I move to the next screen, but a back arrow appears top left which offers to return me to camera or exit. That’s it. Can’t get past this point. Have uninstalled, reinstalled several times, rebooted phone several times, no help. Any help on the way?


no next button at bottom right?

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No unfortunately.

can you share a screenshot of that screen?

This is right after I typed in Red Classic onto the video.

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This is when I bypassed the add text option, and went directly to post:

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Today as an experiment I attempted to upload a vid totally bypassing Type text choice on bottom left (appears after “loading content “ message), just went directly to NEXT (screenshot) and I was able to post!
Seems the problem is in the section where I want to have text overlay on the video. Never tried the sound feature.
Hope this helps,

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ah i see. that’s not good. what kind of iphone and what operating system do you have?

iPhone XR
IOS 14.0.1


LOL I catch it when it happens but often times my video post twice IDK why but not a huge deal :neutral_face:

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Another experiment: tried using the sound option for the first time. Was able to pick a sound and proceed to the screen where I can pick a channel. Instead, I wanted to go back to the sound selection screen, so I could locate name of sound and the artist (to give a shout out to the music artist), and 1) couldn’t get back to the sound list screen, 2) got stuck with the lone back arrow in top left corner of the screen. Just like with the type on screen option.

Thanks for your help.

It’s a few weeks later and still getting this same problem: if I try to go back, I can’t post or go forward again. AND I can’t post anything for a day or so later either. :frowning:

I’m sorry. Good luck!

Today I tried to use the Type again on a post, and it’s tiny, only about 1/2 inch long, so the post never fits into the section format. That’s different. If I try to manipulate it, it disappears except for a bit of the top line. :dizzy_face:


I thought I had taken a pic of it, can’t locate it nor can I duplicate the issue. I have rebooted the phone so maybe that cleared it up. It was plenty strange, though :confused: