It’s 15th April today (updated)

So it’s 15th April tomorrow and you know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So I would like to congrats everyone who is in the partner program and ready for next level things. I wish I was in the list of countries but it’s fine, will give you all tough competition even tho if I am not on the list :joy:. All the best :hugs:


I dont think itd affect new users, especially since they dont have recognition, nobody expects to be paid on day one. If anything, it should entice new users because of how quickly the byte team was able to turn their app around into benefiting the creators. (But that’s just my mentality lol)


Omg I’m neeevousss, for other people :joy:

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See my idea is to take 10% cut from 10 people who are in partner program, for the support till the partner program is available for India. I am watching shark tank a lot recently lol (btw don’t take this seriously people it’s just a joke comment. Some people here get offensive on my funny comments lol)


Sorry im lost, tomorrow theyre announcing the byters who got into the program?


Yes + partner program videos


it’ll be a cultural reset :sunglasses:


Ain’t nothing changing here, except maybe me feeling proud of somebody if they got in.


Im so excited to see who got that privilege first. I know few of them but still!


Nothing about privilege brother we all will be in this is just the trail

when you are first in something i think its privilege!

Wait, have some been publicly announced and I just missed it, or you just talking like friends who you know?


Congrats to everyone who got partnership, and everyone else who didn’t, keep grinding out that content :metal:


not was any announcement but its so obvious on some Byter!

Were we the first beta byters? But still we are there right it’s just like that. I am with you I know that feeling but it’s cool right ?

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Yeah men absolutely :heart:
just discussing with u!

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Creation shouldn’t be about ability to monetise though. I mean, obviously, it’s nice if you can because then you have more attention/time to focus on it, but there’s also a base level of talent expected.
Like, the hardest working person in the world could push out daily content and not nail it. It’s just kind of a crap shoot



I think we should congratulate everyone who gets in, and for those who do not get in, they should never feel discouraged but motivated to keep grinding.

Financial reward is great, but it’s important to realize what our priorities are, making money or making great content for our audience. It’s a pilot version, and like cami and dom said, there will be more openings in the future, so let’s have our hopes up and keep making great bytes!


I mean, I’ve been playing soccer for at least five years, am TERRIBLE at it, and would never consider stopping because the act of the doing is fun to me.
I also would never expect anybody to pay me to play soccer, that being said.

It all depends on whether you’re looking at Byte as a potential career (one of my problems with new youtube culture versus old) or as a creative outlet.