It has been an honor

We did something great here. For a brief time, we actually had Vine back in the world and I got to experience something I thought was lost forever. I joyfully scrolled through short videos until late into the night, laughing and enjoying so many cool things this community created.

Beyond that, we built a community bound together by more than just nostalgia. We built one of the most loving corners of the internet I have ever seen. Many of us have expressed how this community helped us get through a very difficult time. We built something that breathed life into people.

Even as that community dissolved, it fragmented into many smaller communities and friendships that will outlive this brief moment.

It’s been exciting. It’s been joyful. It’s been challenging. It’s been beautiful.

Whether we continue seeing each other on whatever Clash does or we drift in separate directions, for a time we were on the same path together and I loved every minute of it.