It comes around the world (lalalalala~)

post a message in a different language replying to the message before. use an original language that wasnt used before in the thread. ill start with english.


No. En espanol

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hej teehee

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Dang it man. That’s the language I was gonna do. I’m all out of languages now since spanish and english are taken.

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Googlè translata


hej means hello in swedish though teehee

Bonjourno spaghetti Bolognese fettuccine mozzarella linguini penne :cowboy_hat_face:

Ik kan Nederlands spreken (een beetje)

haha yeah ik it’s the only other language I’m familiar with

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Estudie espanol

Foarte frumos, a sti multe limbii e foarte misto

Alam ko na tama

Hon Hon baguette croissant

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Shalom let’s get this challah bread

ինչ է ձեր տղայի մաշկը