Issue with the new “your mix” page!

I’m loving the new “your mix” page !! Definitely helpful for not getting spammed with rebytes haha

One issue that I hope could be fixed is the fact that scrolling through your mix I’m seeing about 3-5 videos from the same creator within every 8 or so videos. this is awesome for seeing new content but not so helpful for trying to find new creators!

(I didn’t put this is bug fixes because I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bug but feel free to move it if you think it fits this topic more!)

Is this intentional or will it be changed? Also what are your thoughts on “your mix”? Let me know!!


I think the point of “…Mix” is to offer more of the creators content based on what you liked. Hence, it gives you more options to view his/her more videos you might enjoy.

I guess ignore the content or refresh for new content from different creators.


I’ve noticed this too! I wonder if it’s intentional. I’m sure it’s a great idea to see new creators based on more than one video. But if you don’t like their content that much then it could get a little annoying.
I don’t have any real thoughts on improvement, but I do see how it’s slightly annoying


Dom has said it here to me before where he went into detail about something I said similar to what you’re talking about. I am pretty sure the algorithm works by offering up things you like by either video’s from certain categories you like or showing more of creators that you like. Plus you gotta watch more and more and over time the feed will eventually start recommending you new creators but for now it’s not going to to prevent showing a new person something that would potentially make them run off.


if you liked the bytes by someone, it’s intentional that you would see a few more (1-2). but there’s also a bug that started last night that is showing WAY too many right now (even if you didn’t like someone). we’re working on fixing that now


Do you even sleep ?

Is not seeing captions on “your mix” bytes intentional? I feel like it limits the engagement on my bytes. Also would love to be able to comment on bytes in my mix easier. Thanks!