Is YouTube Dying?

I’ve been noticing a lot of my favorite guys hasn’t posted in months, and some in close to a year :confused:. And views on videos are getting like zero views compared to a year ago :grimacing:.
Where are the creators going now, and what alternative will people have to go to?
I hate seeing everything go down in flames like this cause it was once people’s career’s…
Any thoughts, bruv :coffee:?


I haven’t noticed this at all. My guess is the creators you watch have dying channels. But there are still plenty of YouTubers pulling in millions of views every video


Some of my fave YouTubers haven’t posted in months, and yea they’re not getting the same account of traction. I don’t know what it is mane


i think it’s due to youtube’s awful monetisation and censorship laws. other media sites aren’t as strict as youtube when it comes to paying their creators, so it’s likely that some youtubers have migrated to other platforms.

a lot of videos are getting scrubbed from yt so it’s likely that the content moderation team is deleting more “obscene” content (aka videos that contain one swear word which has been bleeped out by the creator).


You had me there :eyes::sweat_smile:


Eh I just feel like YouTube is super corporate these days. TikTok feels more like YouTube (simply 'cause it’s so much more personable).


Youtube is not dying as Youtube got big creators like Mr.Beast, David Dobrik, Logan Paul, KSI and more


Facebook is to blame for a lot of YouTube’s troubles as well. Remember their forged view counts? Lots of youtubers and other content creators switched to posting content natively on FB, only to crash and burn because real views just weren’t there.

YouTube’s other issues is mainly the advertisers and copyright holders. YouTube can be a safe place to make content if you make a certain kind of thing and don’t have to rely strictly on ads.

YouTube is NOT friendly to new, small creators, especially if their stuff is controversial or not family or ad-friendly. I don’t blame advertisers for being choosy where their ads end up, but creators end up shafted. Because of this, variety on YouTube is what has suffered the most


Im thinkong of quitting YouTube. Not even known anyway… plus no one gives a fuck to react/reply to anything I do on there. I was also g if I should quit. No response.


So many of the bigger YouTubers are expanding into other platforms so i get why you feel that YouTube is dying. Id say try to find new people but yeah it sucks watching some channels get neglected.


Yep I feel this - Facebook video starting to take up a lot of the video market. There’s a lot of endless scrolling that happens there.

But I really want to emphasise a point you made, and that there is no organic growth method/discovery mechanism with YouTube. This is the key reason I love Byte/TT. Everyone has a shot without mass self promotion.


I always try to avoid considering any platform “dead” or “dying.” Some people might be leaving Youtube, but there are plenty of examples of other people who are thriving.

I think I picked up on this when a while back, a friend said that “Twitter is dead” - it’s like, literally the president uses Twitter every day, how can it be dead?

I think at this point in the social media landscape, all of the giants have solidified their power and aren’t really going anywhere for a long time. Youtube search is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, for example. I think it has to fall a long time before it stops being such an important part of how we watch videos online.

For creators, there’s a lot to youtube that’s really messy and annoying (demonetization, censorship) but it also is the most stable video streaming platform out there. Consumers trust that youtube will show a video from start to stop without interruption or headaches, there’s not a lot of other streaming services that can deliver like that. That consumer trust translates (to me) as a content creator trusting that the platform will deliver the videos in the consistency that I need to draw a brand.

Not to mention that they’re the only video platform with reliable, readable, analytics - like, without that, making content is just grasping around in the dark.

Facebook has a very, very, very unstable video streaming platform in which videos are not easily searchable and over-exaggerates their view counts in order to give the illusion of engagement.

Also…they just don’t monetize videos, right?

I think the platforms are shifting, as they always do, and different populations of creators and users and flowing into different platforms as we go through history, but I trust youtube and don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.


It’s not just controversial content that gets censored. Covers of songs, concerts, even game playthroughs if the game developer restricts use or is using the copyright as a weapon against you (like one game developer did to Pewdiepie).

It is also not uncommon that a random Youtuber or channel will weaponize the copyright strike against you just for one note or one little “sample” they saw was from them just so they could get your income or in some cases use it to hit you back as part of a feud (Alinity did this to Pewdiepie, but so have other Youtubers who were called out by the people they Copyright-striked).

Monetization is impossible when you’re starting out as a Youtuber, and you can’t organically grow your channel without having to tread lightly on a landmine of copyrights, censorships and rules.

When T-Series overtook Pewdiepie, it was less of the struggle and more of the symbolism in the act: Youtube has shifted to favor the larger creators and the corporations to the detriment of the new and small creators. That is why many creators have been trying to seek revenue and exposure elsewhere. Youtube is not dying; it is becoming more corporate


@PunkAndAlcohol I think creators are definitely going elsewhere because of other opportunities coming to play. I haven’t really been posting on my YouTube account since I’ve been on Byte so, the wave is creating a shift in where creators are going.


I feel like being a new creator can be really frustrating and they have a really steep learning curve, but have you considered;

  1. A youtube channel can be used as a marketing outlet before you achieve monetization status?
  2. Strategies that focus on bringing on views outside of the youtube algorithm, such as using platforms like reddit, facebook groups, and twitter?
  3. Maybe the time frame for hitting the monetization benchmarks should be looked at a year-long or even a multi-year project, as opposed to one that’s a couple month-long project?

Noooooooooooo!!! Not at all.
My channel grew from 100 to 10,000 in last year




Where you from

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Oakland, California but I’m in VA currently 🧏🏾‍♀️

But were people watching/liking your content anyway?