Is your mix page actually a good thing?

Lately I have been thinking…
Why is there the your mix section?

I mean we are all here for our certain interests & hobbies right and each topic channel we select to follow already has a [popular] tab & [new] tab connected.

From what I understand the content not for a specific channel goes into general.

We also have a trending & a latest channel too & tbh it kinda feels like there is a lot of content overlapping. :thinking:

I like the separate channels. It means you only need to see content that you are interested in.
It gives everybody better chance at being seen too as creators which I really enjoy tbh.

I personally believe the your mix page is gonna eventually create unwanted drama and probably will confuse new members.

I can see new people doing that not helpful # spamming just to try and get famous on that page. ( which means more unnecessary work for mods to correct channel content)

It’s that ‘Tiktok mindset’ of you have got to trend on ‘FYP’ to matter which is something that needs to get scrapped!!
It is pretty unhealthy & is another reason imo as to why tiktok app became so ugly.

Byte has a far better system which is why it feels more like a comfortable community & not a push & shove competition. Focusing on the / direction more than the # only style was a good plan.

These are just my thoughts about that part of byte.

Mods feel free to delete this if you want or if I overlooked the topic already discussed.


Idk. Your Mix has been around for months now. It’s been a great place for me to find new/unseen videos and creators that I enjoy, based on the content so like.

Another thing is that, I might not be interested in a particular channel but there could be a post that shows up that I really like from that same channel. Before your mix was added, unless I checked Spotlight/New & Trending or Latest at that time, I would have never seen it.

I feel like channels and your mix work together. Having just one of them wouldn’t be great.


I like Your Mix. I know it’s dumb but I feel kind of lost with the categories. Like I have to choose what I’m in the mood to watch. With Your Mix it just chooses for me and I don’t have to think about anything.


Your Mix used to be phenomenal for passively finding new content. The idea is that instead of finding content of a specific category, you can come across content of any category that might suit your tastes.

However, lately it has been mostly unhelpful - I often finding myself not liking anything I’m seeing, and switching back to just who I’m following.

I believe this is likely due to the sudden influx of users and content (particularly, most of the users/content that came were vastly different from the established styles). This probably completely threw off the calibration of the channel, and of course, it can’t distinguish the newer forms/styles from the content you typically like.

Give it a few months, and I’m sure it’ll either sort itself out, or the developers will make some adjustments to set it straight again.


To me, the your mix section should be your collection of channels that you follow along the same lines of your Reddit feed. If it then also threw up some new similar things that it thinks you may like, that would be great. For now, it doesn’t feel like MY mix… it feels like everybody’s collective mix.


Your mix is the best imo, since it’s like a surprise and since I don’t follow many creators the “following” tab just makes no sense for me to use

I wouldn’t miss it, never once used it and find it annoying that the app defaults to it when I log in. I shouldn’t be forced to see some of the crap on my mix page and it clearly isn’t MY mix anyway.

I like the convenience of it and that it exposes me to other people that I wouldn’t have found otherwise but it doesn’t seem to be tailored enough to my interests

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Gab nailed it on the head for how I feel. When I think “my kid” I’m thinking people followed by people I follow, oldies from their pages, popular stuff in my likes categories, new stuff in my categories, all blended up into perfect chaos.

Instead I really just get “Do you want to see the most popular posts from a few months ago? How about the most popular posts from the infamous tiktoker migration?”

People I follow is a better source for content I like and I occasionally get a new person to follow from their rebytes

Tiktokers came over expecting to be sorted into a subsection of byte just for them but byte is too small that that’s literally not possible.


I wonder if you could customize the channels and people in your mix from your profile page.

[channels] [People] [Length]
/general /followers /15 sec
/trash /Random /30 sec
/420 /new /60 sec

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The idea is that it’s the place that gives you customized content. In theory, the algorithm should learn YOUR tastes and give you a mix page that is tailored to you. Like others said, it should allow you to find content/creators that you like even from channels you normally wouldn’t think to check.

The channels are great and all, but sometimes whats “Popular” can just not be your taste at all, and going through latest means watching EVERYTHING without a filter for quality.

Yeah, this is annoying, what really annoys me is the miss-use of the trending hashtags. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is fixable without extreme measures that I really don’t think the app would be willing to put in place.