Is V2 Really a thing

At One side many people are Supporting That v2 will be released and at the other side people are dissing that it will not release or it’s fake ? What is it really I am believer but yet ???


V2 is a thing, otherwise Dom wouldn’t set up this forum and the Twitter account.


Dude. You’re in the forums for it. Yeah. It’s gonna happen.


Ooooh yeeeeaaaah

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Are you going to believe random Twitter gossip or the verified Twitter of someone involved with the original vine


You know that Dom the founder of V2 it’s the founder of Vine as well?
This will happen and we’re ready for it.


The app is coming soon isn’t it?

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the truth is its happening bro

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Hmm ya i belive

thats some positive spirit … i talking about

Ya man you know sometimes when you believe in something very heartily then you also have this fear of loosing it so i was concerned…

i am so eagerly waiting now we all are in a forum once v2 happens i guess many from here will be v2 stars and how knows what more gonna happen very excited

i guess soo but very eagerly waiting

thats happiness

Of course it’s happening, Dom wouldn’t get our hopes up for nothing & this forum wouldn’t even exist if it was fake.

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well the developer made this forums and a twitter account and has tweeted out the app on his twitter sooooooooooo yes

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Around spring @dom said

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It’s very real! Dom already talked about it on his official twitter and he setup the official V2 twitter.

  • Yes it is happening
  • Of course it’s happening.

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What the hells this questions, yes V2 will be realese and Dom create this forum for that
I dont wanna sound angry :joy: