Is V2 going to be similar to V***?

I can’t help but wonder what V2 is gonna be like. Is it gonna be more like Vine or something else?( Instagram etc…) What are your thoughts?

Its gonna be similar but with a lot of differences, The first one is that the duration of the videos will be 6.5.
I think that the interface will be very different


Similar most likely, like @ThomyBalca said

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It was always 6.5 seconds.

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It probably will. but idk yet. No one has the full details on it.

In some ways. But in some ways different

It will be slightly different i guess. We have an option of making teams (if I’m not wrong). I’m not sure about the rest.

The app was inspired by v*ne meaning it will be similar however, the community will be stronger and there will be more moderation.


It will be similar but with different things, and run a lot better.

Any categories? Food, Funny, DIY, Beauty?

Most likely an array of categories but not toooo many, similar to Vine

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im kinda curios to see how similiar it would come out…maybe itd be completely different

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it’ll most likely be very similar, obviously the same looping medium, but content-wise I feel like it will develop its own “personality” different than Vine. Whether that materializes itself through the type of content that is made or something like that, we’ll have to wait and see

I know this is late, but I totally agree. I really hope V2 will have a lot more originality to it. Instead of all the editing and sound affects. Very excited for this app!

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