Is v2 a social app or a entertainment app?

I believe that v2, like vine was, is an entertainment app - one to show off your funniest jokes or your best songs - rather than a social app to show off your lifestyle. Thoughts?


It will be similar to Vine with different changes

Agreed, although it would be hard to imagine v2 not spinning off into something that celebrities would utilize to showcase their lifestyles. In a way this wouldn’t be bad as it would be bringing in both revenue and attention for the platform.

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What’s the difference? your lifestyle is unique and im sure there are different niches, not only comedy

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Diverse content is definitely needed.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Vine was originally intended to be a video-like Twitter when they bought the app, so it’s probably gonna be a little of both. Hopefully mostly entertainment though.

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Vine was used mostly as an entertainment app but there were plenty of people using it to show their lives or document small moments in their days. I’m sure v2 will be just as diverse. As long as it doesn’t become the giant mess of advertisement and simply begging for revines that vine eventually became, I’ll be happy as a clam.


I feel like the main focus is definitely on entertainment, but there are so many directions we will be able to go with it. Very excited to see what happens :smile:

I’d say both

It depends on how the user uses the app. They could use it to meet new people or grow a social fanbase. Or it could be used just as a place to post and enjoy 6.5 second content

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