Is V2 a lie?

This post is just me talking about if V2 is a lie or not.

I think V2 might be a lie because of these constant updates where all we get is copyright issues, delays, and more. It’s been 7 months and we still got nothing. No preview, no anything. You might be saying “Well he made a forum and everything for it!”. He made one twitter account and a forum made in 5 minutes. Nobody really said “Oh I worked with dom on v***” which leads me to believe this is some dude posing to be a part on v*** to hype up a sequel to get attention.


actually you’re wrong. he has definitely teased the app multiple times on his twitter. he has even shown what it’s like inside the app itself. he also only leaves these tweets up for a certain amount a time and then deletes them.

edit: also there are plenty of accounts on twitter that have “creator of vine” “founder of vine” etc in their bios.


it can’t be just some random dude because this forum has been shared by dom’s official twitter account.
Check out his twitter HERE to see some of the things he teases.

Just a reminder. This is also his personal twitter. Please avoid bugging him about the app.


glad to see you here @FaizalDawx


Um… no. :wink:


Def not a lie. It’s prob being developed at a slower rate. To be fair, v2 would have a lot of competition (IGTV, YouTube, etc)

It’s better to take baby steps instead of leaps


I don’t think V2 is a lie, @Dom is doing as soon as possible in launch the app, however that project needs a group of team, economic income and our opinion as users. That’s why the forum exists to discuss the future of V2app through creative ideas from us.


I’m sure it’ll be ready as early as 2022 =^]

It’s out

No, but my life is.


This shouldn’t be funny, yet I laughed out loud…

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