Is timelapse art go under /madebyhand or/animation?

  • Animation
  • Made by hand

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What if it’s time lapse art of an animation :rofl:

Yeah. I need to go to sleep now :rofl:

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Hmmm I can’t even decide :thinking:

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We should honestly just request a new channel for it


I second the new channel vote


Was just about to suggest a page for this.

Made by hand :thinking: submit the idea if it doesn’t fit either

I can even see it going in cinematography if it’s artistic enough.

a lot of people seem to have this issue and want a general “art” channel to be able to put this kinda stuff into.

For now, if you feel that the video is more focused on the animation/timelapse over the art, or the video is edited to seem animated, then i’d say animation. But if the focus is mostly on the art, then I would say made by hand might be more fit


And that’s been my dilemma since day 1. Which channel should I post my stuff in?

The whole Quarantoons thing is a good example.
I wanted to make a funny byte using Looney Tunes characters that I drew from scratch (OC) showing what they’re doing during stay at home.

:banana: almost always had the most :eyes: so should I put it there to get more :heart:? Remember-the whole original idea was a funny look at the characters.

They’re Animation characters so they should go in animation.

Or should they go in art since it was something drawn.

I never would have thought of putting it in madebyhand until I saw others posting time lapses in there.

The big problem is now, bytes are being removed if they don’t fit according to the mods. I’ve already been told a byte I posted in funny would have been removed for not being OC.

I always liked the idea of a byte best practices wiki or something. The whole idea being remove the barriers of entry for creators and make byte simple. Get rid of the head ache of figuring out what size to make the byte, the resolution, not having sound would break the ability to post etc.

Make it as easy as possible to post good quality content.

What if we did that, and really explained the channels and gave examples?

If you give people best practices to build from, things go much smoother for all involved.


We need a more generalised art channel for sure. I’ve spoken to a few artists who don’t feel right posting into /madebyhand, and honestly I can’t say I blame them, because the first thing I think of when I see /madebyhand is DIY and arts and crafts, not drawing or painting.



Totally agree. There is a ton of confusion right now, and that’s from the people who have been using byte for a while.

Let’s figure it out here in the forums as much as possible, so that if someone new comes to byte, they don’t just get frustrated when their first byte gets deleted with no explanation.


Perfect answer

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