Is TikTok Banned in USA

is Tik Tok Banned in the USA i seen its been removed from play store and apple store there seen this on google


Nope it’s still in our app store (mine at least)


No, I have it lol

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the one with TikTok Pte. Ltd. (China Brand) is Banned. But Not the one that is under TikTok Inc. (US Brand)

Sorry if you got Confusion.

Suki the Hyper Fox.


During the coronavirus pendemic. China have alot of heat going on. And the whole world is very upset with the Chinese government. Also on twitter there is a hashtag focused on boycotting China. There’s also an hashtag #boycotttiktok on twitter which has been tweeted so many times requesting to ban tiktok and also other chinese made applications. In the near future will tiktok be banned because of this pendemic?

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Not sure that it will be banned due to the pandemic…but I guess that would be something for whoever manages what kind of applications are allowed to be used in the US decides.

Tho I’m really not sure that there is such a thing here. It’s up to the developers really, I would say.

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There are people living on tiktok money in USA so I don’t think so they will ban it…

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Imagine TT getting banned in the US, Byte traffic would spike


I’m not saying this will happen, but if it does it will be a mixture of the pandemic and the info TikTok stores and relays to outside parties. Just like how the government outlawed tiktok for governmental employees, they have to at least be looking into banning the app out right. Who knows if it’ll ever happen.


Holy shit that would be a dream, but the thing is that people on TikTok are really fucking toxic, and bringing over everything wrong about TikTok to Byte in very large numbers would be detrimental to the site’s image.