Is This Rebranded Vine or Byte?

For YEARS we have waited for the return of Vine. The old developers have heard our cries & brought us Byte the reboot of Vine, I have a question though do you think Byte can become more than just “■■■■■■”?


byte is very similar to :vine: but not it. I guess some could call it a rebrand but idk its gonna be a little different and more improved than :vine: was when staff finally is able to fix all those bugs at the moment and everyone can start enjoying the app together again. So not really a rebrand id say but redoing and improving the old for a newer generation.


Agreed! So many new updates and improvements coming, like the monetization // creators program.

stay tuned!!!


this is a good point. I think as far as something I look forward to is maybe different video formats. Someone mentioned in their video that ten second videos might be a good idea. Like I’d like to see something different. Idk how hard that would be to do on a coding side. But byte is so new I can see something like that being effect. And it encourages NEW content. People will repost their vines if it is just vine.


Hell yeah. I’ve been waiting for the second Vine ever since high school – I just graduated Uni this past winter, it’s definitely been more than a few years. Vine lost its backing by Twitter and it’s been rebranded as a humble little community with Vine’s co founder and a small little team. Though it has its fair share of problems, it’s been a nice community to join so far – if they continue to improve the UI, I can definitely see Byte becoming home to what Vine used to be, and more. That, and finally blow Tik Tok out of the water.

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Yeah people call it a vine ripoff, but … what do they want. Most people on Tiktok were ex-viners who adjusted to the longer videos. Now it’s time to get some better higher quality content on the app. You know the stuff that entices advertisers. But at the same time celebrate smaller creators. Also, tiktok has some security concerns so that might help with the byte backlash.


Well, it’s not necessarily a ‘vine’ ripoff. It’s the same guy, the co-creator of Vine, but rebranding it because Twitter kind of owns the Vine IP (they were the ones that shut it down). This is basically Vine, but for a new generation – it’s definitely in its early stages because, unlike Tik Tok, it’s not backed by an entire nation (China) and it lacks the funding Twitter gave it when it was Vine. But the content and the community is what matters, and from what I’ve seen, Tik Tok is just a bunch of people shaking their butts for millions of views and likes, it’s honestly disgusting. It’s time to get back to entertainment’s roots, starting with Byte.