Is this app real?

I was wondering if this app on the Apple store is real??? image

V2 has not been released yet. Many people are creating fake apps, accounts, etc to fool people.

Confirmed Websites:
Confirmed Social Media: @dhof and @v2app
Keep checking the forums and social media for official updates on the app


nope, its fake one, the app wont be realeased until summer

Nope, they are all fakes

No, but you should download it and tell us what happens.

No (8char)

beta before then :stuck_out_tongue:

yup, bascially

with 2.3 stars? :joy: it’s fake

Ewwww stay away! :dizzy_face:

Hehe fake news :sneezing_face:

FAKE it’s fake
Its a big liar

Is it confirmed that summer is the release date? As far as I’ve seen it’s been a mystery.

I don’t think it’s confirmed, but that’s what we’re shooting for.

I’m trying to find a specific vine account, the one where the guy says I was an addict for 10 years now I’m not, then he says I was going to put this inside of me now I’m not , does that make sense?

Dom said around summer time

I saw this one to! It looks so real if you download it, it’s smooth and everything

Fake, the real thing’ll be much better!

I’ve downloaded it. There are some good creators on there but the app itself is very limited and doesn’t seem that great.

yeah thats true, Dom’s words