Is there be age restriction or parental guidance option?

This Feature may help artist to use there desired words or content to make there video, as an artist want to use an adult rated words then he/she should have all the freedom to use it with that they should apply Age restricted option so that only adults can access that no children could… if they didn’t then the video should be deleted or warned to do so ?

Whats your opinion community and @dom??

I know there are some threads about it, if you give me a chance I can post the links in few minutes… I’m on mobile :’(


Here check this out


Here you have it

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Sure not an issue you have all the time

Nope… I’m usually in a computer. I work on computers but I’m watching YouTube video right now and too lazy to stop and get on my computer haha

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Really which are the Youtubers You are subscribed to…

I actually I’m subscribed to more than 100 YouTuber. But my favorite are:

  • Shane Dawson
  • Liza Koishy (Her boyfriend David)
  • Ricegun
  • Some League of legends channels
  • Some fornite channels
  • Ellen / James Corden
  • Safiya
  • The fines brother ( And REACT)
  • Alex Wassabi
  • Reaction Time (Game time, free time )
    -La divaza
  • El RubiusOMG
    -German Garmendia

And many more xD

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