Is there anyone here that is 15 or younger?

I’ve been on this forum for a long while and I’ve noticed that mainly, or it at least feels like everyone here is at least 17+. I would like to talk to people that are more my age(since i’m around Enjajaj’s age when she started vine)! Maybe we could start a groupchat or something? I know the app is gonna be 13+ but i’d like to know the V2ers i’ll be growing up with!


I am 16 :hugs:

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I’m 14 :upside_down_face:

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i wish i was 14 again…would have been so much better starting out young but noooo i HAVE to be 21… smh i need a time machine


I’m 15 years old

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I’m 15 but have the mentality of a 30 year old :confused:

I’m 14, 15 in a couple months

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I’m 15 with the mentality of a 12 year old


I’m 14 years old😁

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Me and you both im 26 they so bless man

I’m 73 next year
I aged well

I am 14 but I am turning 15 on April 9th.

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