Is there an app similar to the way vine recorded videos

like i just want to make skits that dont clutter my iphones storage space of different cuts of scenes

not a good one that isnt a rip off, would probs use youtube or just insta tbh :((

You could practice with the fake V2 app

(NOT recommending this)

I would use insta. Or just the camera and upload to google drive.

ive been doing that but the issue is it doesnt do portrait mode

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the actual vine app turned into a vine camera app, you could use that

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Clips on iOS could help

link please?

oh sorry, it existed a couple months ago and I just searched it up and it’s not there anymore, must’ve been deleted. It used to be called “vine camera”


It still exists on Android. It’s called “Vine”

lol u can be the one person in the world that uses vine camera (what used to b vine)

A lot of people have it still installed from the iOS days. I don’t actually use the app, I just saw it in the Play Store

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Here’s an example:

There’s the vine camera