Is there a partner program or a verification?

It must be online somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. I’m just curious as to whether there is verification or a partner program. Maybe I can get a shirt or something lmao. If there is what would it take to be involved/recieve?

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There was a pilot partner program but it’s not continuing. They’re changing/shifting it.
You have to currently be verified on another app to get verified on byte.


Do you think there would come a point where they’ll verify you for commiting content to byte?

(and what gwyn said)

Maybe but what does verification mean to you?

Likely! But for now, I think it serves more as an assurance that nobody is imitating big names.


I wish OG Byters would receive a badge


The OG Byters badge is the friends we’ve made along the way :wink:


What do you consider OG though? and how do you verify that?
I feel like if and when somebody becomes big enough to be not just a content creator, but a “brand” they need verification. otherwise, why does it really matter?
I know I’m me, and nobody’s imitating me, or, to my knowledge, reposting my stuff.

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I signed up for the v2 beta since day one. Got on the forums and lurked, but never got an invite.

As soon as I heard byte was live, I downloaded it, and joined the beta ASAP.

I know I probably won’t get a badge, but I still think like a beta tester. What works, what doesn’t, what is the potential. Give honest and frequent feedback, positive and constructive when it’s negative.

I like the way byte overall is going more than just about any social media I’ve been on. The only other one I like as much is the Animation discord I’m on.


I mean, I too downloaded it the day it went public.