Is there a fixed date to post news?

Did you also notice that Day 18 seems to be an important date for Dom?


October 18 - Beta testers Invitation

2 months later…

December 18 - Beta testers Invitation

2 months later…

February 18 - Will we have more beta invitations?

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This isn’t the 18th of the month, as I’ve mentioned to people before it’s the December, October etc of 2018


Only 5 posts from this are mentions, the others were created on the 18th…

Ohhhhhhh very nice spot !

GG , Who knows we might get something on the 18th this month !

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no, what I’m saying is when it says “'18” it means that the posts were made in that month of 2018, not the 18th of the month. A couple may have been on the 18th but the majority were not.


actually, the beta signups were October 8th & December 7th. As Daniel said, the ‘18 is for 2018.

It could be every two months we have a beta signup, but who knows :sweat_smile:


Question answered by our helpful experts @cark and @ash.