Is there a chance to call the app Loop?

Honestly, if the application will be called « v2 »… That is not very, very, very … interesting and i think that i would be so much cool if it would be called Loop instead of « v2 » and the « creators » the loopers, what do you think guys ?

Edit : the term loop and looper isn’t my idea, i found it on some topics, i just want your opinions.


hahah @dom actually even created a twitter account @v2app so… idk man
maybe a seperate entity like a segment called “loops” just a thought.
great idea though

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It’s prolly just v2

we actually briefly considered calling vine “loop”, but there were too many trademark issues. those issues are probably around this time too. :slight_smile:


So loop can be out of the table. I like V2 better.

well if you can get around the trademark issues I think Loop is a great name! One syllable, nice and easy to say. Also the name would also the most noteworthy feature of the app which wouldn’t that help a lot with advertising/marketing? I mean its your app and you know more than anyone here about the business side of things but if you think Loop is a good name for what your creating and the trademark issues are bypassable then why not at least try for it?

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