Is the US government hiding ETs?

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I mean… We can’t be the only living body in the world.

I agree. It would be easier if you put a link so we can go directly to the poll.

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I fixed it

Hiding information about aliens yes, aliens themselves who knows.

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Yep, you know

I dont know, but they are many proof of this

It’s very unlikely that life in other galaxies would have the technology to make it here alive. It’s a very very far distance. And there are x-rays and gamma rays that’ll eat up material like crazy. And for them to even know that we’re here and where to find us is unlikely. It’s possible I suppose, but contact with alien life is VERRRY unlikely.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure lol

Yes indeed

Yes but how does anybody know how advanced the ETs are? They could have technologies that could get them from point A to point B in a split second, even if the distance is 50 light years.

I was super confused I thought we were talking about “aliens” as in immigrants and I was like, “yeaaaah probably not dude.”

However, yeah it’s possible we have some form of space life on our planet. But that’s if you believe in that stuff. It’s also possible some people from another dimension in an alternate universe/timeline are with us because that timeline has advanced faster. But again that is also a big maybe. It’s a very interesting subject.

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Haha yeah I’m going to rephrase it

lmao probably so :joy:

I mean, probably.
Like someone said

There’s no proof that technology like that could even exist. That would be very interesting though! The other possibility is that they could get here via wormholes.

I definitely agree that there are most likely other planets in the universe with life on them, and probably even life that has advanced decently far in their evolution. The odds are nevertheless staggeringly against them being as intelligent or more intelligent then us, especially when considering the technological advancement they would need to be able to make the trip.

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You’re from the government. CIA, NASA. Try to investigate how much we know to take us down? ???
I know it all.

See but what I don’t get is how come people who “encounter UFOs” are takin these 8k quality pictures of the sky then once the UFO comes they turn into one of those friggin 1990 camcorders held by someone with frequent seizures it makes no sense!!!