Is the app only for testing?

I’m just new here on the forum. So, can you please tell me if beta is not for the full version of Byte?


Welcome to the community! no need to stress, beta is a program run by the byte team, earlier this year beta signups went out on this forum, asking people to join, if they wanted to see the app before it came out, allowing them to experience it, play around with it, while giving back advice and information to Dom and the team. To essentially improve the app and get rid of bugs, before it comes out. Its not the offical byte app though. It is set to be released sometime in spring either May or June, however at this stage the particular release date is unknown. If your friends with the right people they can invite you into beta, or the byte team may release a 3rd signup were you might have a chance to have a look at the app before it comes out.

Don’t stress currently its only 48 hours for (beta). No usernames or bytes are saved, so they will have to officially start when it comes out. There’s probably far more knowledgable people on here, that no more than us! so don’t be afraid to ask them for some assistance to. Its basically a program to make small adjustments to improve and make it better (beta) get it lol. :rofl::grinning:


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Seems like it’s solved & answered :wink: