Is that possible to make?

is that possible to make Challenges videos in 6.5 secs???

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Never heard of this but you can try it!

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You must be flash. I don’t really think that is possible but you can always trow an egg to your face :V

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They did it pretty well with the ice bucket one, so i’m sure that you’ll be fine. If its too long i’m sure you could just speed up your video to make it the 6.5.


This is intelligent…

Ya How about in longer Videos you do long challenge like gummy vs real food there are many so instead of doing 3 to 4 at a Time one part one video…

I Really wish I was I love that Guy…

its gotta be a super quick one haha, but those are the ones that go viral

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Hahahahah yaa Everyone love sorter and sorter Videos than Long and boring Videos