Is profanity allowed during V***s? Account categories?

Although there are announcements and other forums about using “Profanity” in content - the answer has never been confirmed.

Viners such as Lele Pons - one of the best Viners, Instagram Posters etc. Always use profanity within the content. Will they still be allowed to use profanity or is it inappropriate for the company?

Would there be a way to categorize your channel to your content? Such as “Comedy!” “Family Friendly!” It would be a gread idea. This post is also for ideas.


I’m sure Lele Pons will still be able to curse during her comedy videos for 9 year olds


I dont see much of a reason why it wouldn’t be allowed.

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i can’t lmfao

I think profanity should be allowed, it makes the vids more better


It’s been specified repeatedly that V2 will be a christian phone app, and swearing is strictly prohibited.
This is the last time you’ll be warned


What is profanity nowadays? Are they words you wouldn’t say in church?

A social media censoring curse words would seem sooooo odd, so I highly doubt it’s will happen. Depending on region and how people were raised they cuss it’s just like a careless thing to do, so I don’t see a social media platform censoring cursing as long as it’s not bullying or breaking any rules.


Why could not she be?

Words like “best” and “Lele Pons” shouldn’t be in the same sentence