Is PewDiePie being blackmailed?

Hey, guys. I want to cover a bit more serious topic than like top 10 yugioh cards or something because I think it might be pressing. So recently in Pewds’s video about unboxing the 100 Million Subscriber Play Button (which was sick btw), he also supposedly donated $50k to a supposed charity organization called ADL(Anti-Defamation League). The thing is though, he provided no explanation, and just left it at that. that’s a significant figure to be donating by itself, but also to an organization which has slandered him in the past??? Many, many people assume to be some kind of blackmail and I think I can agree. While nothing is 100% confirmed yet, what happened just feels so unnatural. i dont know all the deets of the situation but you can read more here:

i hope that if there are any issues it will be dealt with. leave thoughts and stuff because im actually curious about what others have to say about the whole thing. not comment bait like “uhHEHEy drop a comMEn doun belO!” i mean like… this is strange…


I feel like Felix isn’t the type of leg something like this stop him and if it means doing the payment, I think he’d just pay to move on.

Blackmail does sound probable


i saw some comments asking him about that issue, I wanna just don’t know what (if any) his response will be.


Seems really shade, and I really like him as a creator so I hope black mail is not the case


i dont like pewdiepie or feel sorry if he’s blackmailed lol :sunglasses:


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Idk is it resolved???

People are allowed to have their opinions. Blackmail, if so, still is a terrible thing for anyone my fam


uhhhh im still slightly skeptical but we’ll see how this rolls out

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I think Felix is either trying to be the bigger man or making a joke. Either way, I think the situation is kinda funny, honestly.

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He pulled the donation^

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quite interesting…

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