Is Ninja right?

Is “It’s just a game” really a “weak mindset”?


Don’t let a game fill you with uncontrollable rage to an unhealthy extent but yeah he’s right cause if I am playing a competitive game that’s the spirit of wanting to win. It’s a challenge on top of being a game


I mean it depends on what yours goals are, right? If you’re just looking for fun, then yeah, “it’s just a game”, and I would agree with that. But if you’re trying to go pro, then obviously it’s “not just a game”.


It’s just a game



To me it’s the circumstance tbh. I would be mad if I were in a top notch finals match up about to win $1,000 and I seen someone using hacks but the refs didn’t see it. Then I would be upset but if I am just practicing and I loose well I just gotta get better and move on to the next match.


Depending to a person its just a game can mean different things.

During the World Cup football fans have taken their own lives over players or their nation not doing well. And in North Korea those players were playing for more than just a game…

There is a normal and healthy way of watching a sport or e sport. But it should be done correctly not in a way that is too extreme and could hurt you mentally if sports are seen as life or death for you.

I’ll agree more with it being more than a game because for many fans that game can maks their week, childhood, fondest memories and more so to see them lose the game hurts. But no one should be triggered by someone telling someone that hurt to calm down because its only a game.

It’s kinda harder to agree with because it is Ninja. He sees e sports in a more serious way and does consider it harder than real sports. It can be seen as week mentality to say “its only a game” but to see how Ninja goes about it is too extreme. But i do understand for him it is more than a game since for him its how he makes his income and provides for his family. But i believe he meant more of when you are upset for losing and someone says “just a game”.

Yes and no. You can take it seriously but not to serious to where it hurts you mentally. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I think sports, art, your job should serve your life. If you serve sports, arts or anything like that then you’re just hurting yourself.

I used to work in a Goodwill and so people would donate every book ever made and because they didn’t pay me enough, I’d just sit in the back and read them all. One of the books that really stuck with me was this college textbook on sports sociology and it used this umbrella term called “Hyper conformity” to describe this really broad category of - um - ‘bad things’ that happen in sports;
cheating, taking steroids, performing through an injury (or not telling the coach about the injury), hazing.

Basically, sports…this thing that is a secondary motivation to the basic needs of life (sports can get you social love, a way to survive, purpose) hijacks some people and they want to over-commit to the group and it just ruins lives.

I get Ninja’s mentality too, and I’d imagine there’s a lot of pressure on him to bring it to a higher platform…but I can also see him pulling a Kobe/Shaq and looking back at his career and going “oh, wait, I could have been that good without being that hardcore.”


I mean it’s not really fun if I don’t care about the game