Is it totally normal that I don’t really get how I’m supposed to use forums

I’ll get the hang of it…


Naw. Lots of people don’t get how to do things here. I’d suggest searching the forums for your question if you have questions, as there are LOTS of answers already to most of the questions asked, and searching also prevents spam :slight_smile:


Thank you :relieved:

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The forums are a lawless place. Feel free to add any questions or discussions because I’d love to talk about the app more but most forum posts… aren’t about the app


I feel like that’s due partially to the forum history existing before the app was made. In many ways, I like the forums because it connects us as people beyond the app. However we are a Byte Family, so I also wish more posts were about Byte lol

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Thank you.:relieved: I definitely can understand that.

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The forums are just a way to connect with the staff of byte and see the announcments are, but we apporach the 100k user mark on this forum, the community will just get more and more crowded

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Thank you for that info​:relieved::ok_hand:t5:

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