Is it okay for v***rs to use the same content just in their own way?

Oh, these :joy: it’s been so long

“Revining” was more like retweeting, right? Yeah it went to your feed but it was still connected to the original creator.

What I think we’re talking about here is recreating videos based on things that are popular.

Improvise, adapt, overcome. They shouldn’t just make the same video as someone else, nor should they remake a viral video that was on the other vine just to get views. It will happen, but it’s kinda scummy. Make your own content! It’s okay to react to something or remix it but don’t just copy ver batim

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I just posted something similar in another thread. People are going to remake your video if it goes viral, expect that to happen! In the early days of Vine, someone would make a video that went viral, then lots of people jumped in with their own remake of the same concept. It was fun and a good way for new people to get noticed. This happened a LOT as more people discovered Vine.

if you do a remake, the right thing to do is credit the person who’s video you’re remaking. But remakes are going to happen a lot just as they did on Vine.

JUSt give credit it & it should be fine

I feel as though it is a good idea to use other people’s ideas. It allows for things to trend. As long as they give credit, like everything else, it should be fine

Look. Nobody wants to see their content stolen. But if someone takes the concept or idea and tweaks it, it technically isn’t there “property” anymore. Like most things that go viral on Twitter or back on Vine (and maybe Instagram?), there’s an idea, people think it’s funny, others try to copy it by changing some stuff so theirs can become popular too. Like back on the old Vine there’d be Vines where something would happen and then “run”. People took the idea and tweaked it. Or that stuff on Twitter, the “what in tar nation” or “what in ___ nation”. If people tweak the idea, I think everyone here can agree that it’s fine. It’s the idea of “should these new Vines say something to credit the original person who made it?” And I think it’d be nice if everyone did that so you can see the original and maybe the original creator can get more credit and become “famous”. But not everyone is going to put something on their Vine saying “inspiration from ____”. It’s nice for the original creator but also so many ideas get expressed on Vine, and most likely V2, that an idea is going to be posted that not many people will see, and then when there’s a “remake” of it someone is going to want credit even if they don’t deserve it. So, I think, that if someone redoes a Vine and tweaks it, it’s fine. They can post who they got the inspiration from or not.

If someone just copies a Vine, that’s not ok. Back when the “Deez Nuts” Vines were funny, I had posted one on my account that got a few thousand loops, and a couple likes. But an account called “Deez Nuts” liked it and must’ve used an app to download it, and they then posted it on their account. There it received a couple hundred thousand loops. I was mad that the guy just stole my Vine, but I couldn’t really do anything about it. And I’m saying this because I’m not entirely sure how you can protect against this because people will find funny Vines and steal them for them self. It’s like those Twitter accounts that all recycle the same tweets.

Sorry. I know this is a lot to read. But yeah. That’s just my thoughts on this.

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I think it’s ok if its trending but if its not then that’s not cool

Deffo share the same content but definitely make it your own. Add a twist to it!

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It depends on each situation. If the artist invites others to collab of one of their ideas that’s a-ok. But if not, and people remake the vines but make them the exact same, that’s not ok. They need their own twist.

For example all five of my favorite comedians have 10 min long skits on airplanes and why they suck and making fun of them and stuff. But they all have their own twist and none of them repeat each other. If its like Amy Schumer where she copies like word for word of other people’s skits, that I have a problem with. That’s plagiarism and stealing.



And going further, if their method of videography makes it a more appealing post with a different dialogue, kudos

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Every platform is swarmed with this anyways, can;t really be avoided in my opinion :blep: