Is it okay for v***rs to use the same content just in their own way?

I think it’s 100% okay for others to share the same content , if it’s like a “trending” thing everyone can join in and put their mix into it

Thoughts ?

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People will use each others ideas anyhow, but that’s okay with me. However, they should give it their own twist.


Don’t see anything wrong with the idea :+1:

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Yeah but I think some people will think that others are “stealing” people’s ideas

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It depends on how one is using the content of someone else. If it literally gets copied, than I would understand one’s frustration, but if one give it his or hers own twist, it should not be a problem. On YouTube it happens all the time.

Also, maybe giving credits where they belong in the description of the V2 video.


i agree 110% with this

Yeah & that’s a good idea of tagging the “original” for the inspiration

Yeah as long as they give it their own twist I think its alright, or at least tag the creator.

Though at the same time their have been revines done of original vines that I personally think are just as funnier or even better than the original so doing this brings even better vines out sometimes

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I would leave a brief comment on who originally posted, just to be safe and courteous

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I 100% agree

One example of this is when everyone used Denzel Curry’s “Ultimate” ( I am the one, don’t weigh a ton/
Don’t need a gun to get respect upon the street)

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Not familiar; could I get a link please? Thanks :blush:

It really depends on the content and how you change it to make it your own.

If it’s a straight-up word for word, shot for shot dupe, then no, I don’t think it’s okay for creators to do that just because it’s trending.

I’m sure there will be something about Fair Use in the v2 guidelines so you’ll really have to wait and see.

Was just thinking of that, but couldn’t explain it like you did :pray:

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This will happen whether you like it or not, unfortunately. People borrow/steal ideas all the time, it won’t stop on V2. But if you do a remake, the right thing to do is tag the person who gave you the idea. I did this in one of my vines that got 20,000 revines, and the person I tagged was grateful instead of being angry, because they got to share the popularity.


Yeah, crediting the original always “softens the blow” when it comes to things like this.

Do it before someone asks you to and I think they’ll be happy with the promo (no matter how big or small) it gave them.

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Back in ancient Rome, no one cared about originality or rights to their work; they wanted to spread the word and share their knowledge… Where did it all go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel like that is stealing ideas

In the past wasnt that the concept of “revining” so you could share something you enjoy while still giving credit to the original owner