Is it just cause I'm new?

My like-to-view ratio is between 30-50% (coming from people I don’t know), and yet my posts aren’t being seen by hardly anyone. Byte may not value likes as much as other forms of engagement, but I’m scratching my head as to why my content is not being served to more people. Any thoughts?


Might change your username here so it matches?

When I click on your profile it shows it as aaronmatthew not aaronsays.

A lot of people discover people on the forums and then go to their byte profile.


It could be that your views are only coming from a few people (like 20 loops from one account probably holds less value than 2 loops from 10 different accounts?)


That’s weird because the right username @aaronsays shows as updated on my end. #bug-reports

That would make sense except likes are unique per user account…so per your example, I’m getting at least 6-8 likes per 20 views.

It’s partially because you’re new.
If you want to get more engagement, you have to engage others. That means like, comment, and rebyte.


Ah, the hard truth. No doubt I can do better there…now on to check out your channel and give some love. :+1:


Vids get seen mostly on the popular/catagory pages and on people’s home/following feed. To get on popular page, you need at least 30 likes. You get these likes from followers. Once you hit 30 you might get up to 40 or 50 likes from pop page… and in that time, if you get more likes from followers you get more time on popular page and so on… because the app is relatively new and still growing, new people can’t expect viral vids, just slow growth. Regular content= follower growth = more views. Try posting at peak times when latest catagory has more vids dumped in it… engage with comments and with who you follow. Also, try not uploading too much on the same day, your older vids will be missed and forgotten about while your latest vid gets seen. 1 vid per day is good untill the app grows bigger. This gives followers a chance to see it and like it. Feel free to message me with any questions. I’m a Byte consultant to the stars :crazy_face::star::star::star: ps. Likes don’t matter but they are easier to track views. As 1 person can loop/rewatch a vid while they can only give 1 like. So likes tell us more accuratly how many actual unique views there are.


Great insights! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @electronicant78 :raised_hands:

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Yes me old and wide. *wise


Theres quite a few people who like without watching the whole video, and also those who loop the same video over and over again (the latter is less common)

I know when I first started I didn’t realize my own loops counted towards my loop count.

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People get frustrated that the app is a grind for new people… but most apps are. 1% new people Go viral but most people take months to grind a following. Example. It took me 4months to get 1k followers on tiktok. I know many people that got 1k in the 1st month on BYTE, so id say bytes doing it right


Still shows the old id. :man_shrugging:

What category do you post in?

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I do wonder how they are weighting the loops vs. likes tbh.

I know I have some 16 s bytes that have more likes than loops. But to be honest, since they are art time lapses I kind of expect the loops to be low.

Is it better to compress down the video to 6-8 s and get more loops, but lose details?

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Don’t worry about the numbers just yet. byte is far from popular enough for people to be worrying about likes and loops and things like that. The byte team is still working on the app (things like those 3 drastic changes to the app), so I think until all that stuff’s finished they aren’t gonna advertise the app to let mainstream audiences know about it. Use this sort of “limbo” period to improve your bytes for when those mainstream audiences arrive (and then you can ask yourself why you’re only getting 4 loops per byte lol)

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I did not know about this 30 likes thingamajiggy…lol
Thanks for educating us :pray:

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Put it this way. If you don’t get at least 20 from followers in the 1st hr, you just won’t get seen on pop page. And that’s where you get more views. At least from my experience


The your mix will serve your content up to people as they watch more and more. which takes time but to speed it up you can engage with others, like, comment interact and just get yourself out there. You can also try posting on other social media platforms too.


I see. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :smiley: