Is everyone ok?

Seeing everyone argue in the forums is so disappointing. How can we expect byte to grow successfully when its biggest creators (old and new) refuse to find common ground?

Old creators please don’t blame the new creators for getting more of the features that they have asked for because quite honestly there are more of them. The developers are trying their best to make people stay and if that means some aspects more like TT then that might be what they have to do.

New creators please don’t attack old creators for no reason. Please don’t make post saying TT is better or byte isn’t good because quite just leave instead of pointlessly airing something unhelpful. Give advice rather than constant hate. Help others.

The whole debate about verification, the partner program, bug creators coming from TT: stop getting mad and blaming others who are not in control of the situation. Just because someone has a different opinion to you, it doesn’t make anything that has happened their fault.

Finally, you are justified to your own opinion but don’t attack anyone else for theirs. Be kind and others please be more kind and considerate back.


Some people have made over 600 vids since bytes launch. The changes hurt because it’s like all that effort was meaningless. People are Venting. It’s kinda needed right now. It used to be #bytefam and 100k new kids just got adopted.


Yes I agree with you!! Venting is definitely needed after being silent for so long. But it gets unhealthy when blame is handed to the wrong people for the way you’re feeling. Just for example, i know some people don’t like the big TT creators because it feels like they’re stealing the limelight. It’s not their fault that they are already popular but it does feel for the home byte creators that they are being left behind by byte when this happens


NO I’m not ok… I’m starting to think I don’t belong here or I should move on… IDK… this is so complicated

Oh and one more thing… people are ignoring me! I can tell

I know who you are :slight_smile:


Hey let’s start our own channel. Magicalfuntimes

Its not meaningless. The amount of friends and connections people have made over the last two years through byte has to count for something. I think people being upset is normal but TBH it happens EVERY TIME there is a change big or small. Gotta just ride the wave and continue posting the content they prefer. Things will settle down because it happens every time


I get how you feel quite honestly. I bet it felt so nice feeling like you were at the top of your game and to like someone else has taken that away in a matter of weeks isn’t very nice. But you can still keep moving forward. You have an audience. You have ideas. Times are uncertain but your drive doesnt have to be.

However, if you really arent feeling too good then take a break. It’s what I did and I happened to come back the day because the first big influx by chance! Taking time away could give you sometime to reflect on what is best for you x

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Nonononoono :joy: I don’t care bout that Mrs :stop_sign: :lips::stop_sign: woman :joy: I just feel like there are so many people hating, blocking… and doing other stuff to ppl on here for no reason


Hahah fair enough. Yh byte is turning a lil too toxic for my liking

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Besides i already took a break btw… and I’m still stressed about that editing…

What should I do mr advice?!

Me looking with a block list of 3 full scrolls :eyes::lips::eyes:

Just post what you want. There’s bound to be someone that likes it☺️


you’re so right… i really dislike all this badmouthing towards the app and, most importantly, each other. the whole point is that this is supposed to be a community and it just doesn’t feel that way in the past couple days. this goes for old AND new creators. both sides play a role in this negativity rn.


Exactly! In the beginning I thought it was more new creators being unnecessarily rude to the old ones. But the old ones are seeming to be equally hostile.

I dont blame anyone for feeling this way because everyone must be a bit fed up but it’s not productive now to constantly fight with each other. Byte is so new that an internal war could destroy it


Yea as an oldie in this community, I apologize for the other ogs gatekeeping a lot :sleepy: Ngl, I did do that at one point too, but I realized that change is needed to make this app great which is what I want!


exactly. im genuinely worried seeing the hostility on the forums of such a fresh app that’s just starting to get the attention everyone was waiting for. just because the attention isn’t in the way people anticipated is no reason to get angry. obviously there’s more to it than i described, but in any case the conversation is less productive and more shouting over each other.


I just feel like people are focusing more on the fact that byte is adopting features that tiktok haves :pensive: it’s like . Yeah and? It’s not vine 2 anymore and calling it tiktok 2 isn’t it either. It’s called byte


I’ve gotta admit that I dont like everything that has been implemented by they are trying and testing rn to see what works and that takes time. So if for now it’s more like TT then hey ho. It will find its niche eventually


It’s crazy tho like Dom even mentioned in the past that tik tok and other video apps shouldn’t be looked at as competitions and yet, a lot of the ogs are still doing that. I also can’t help myself sometimes to talk about how good it would be for byte if tik tok did get shut down, but I do realize that people built careers on that app so wishing for it’s downfall is getting a bit strange for me. Anyway, got off track a bit lmao, but yeah I wish people would just listen to Dom and be more accepting of people from other communities!!


People got stuck at this instead of moving on